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The Top 7 Ways to Annoy Your Coworkers

Don't be this woman.

Don’t be the coworker everyone hates

We all have those coworkers that, when we see them coming down the hall, we do what we can to avoid them. You know the ones, they pop up at our desk and linger when they see that we are busy, they love to gossip or they just plain make us uncomfortable. Luckily, everyone at work loves you. Right? Well, before you skip this article or email it to that coworker that you find annoying, read through this list just to make sure that you are not guilty of any of these offenses.

Here are the top 7 ways to be sure to annoy your coworkers:

  1. Be a drama queen – seriously, this is the most annoying trait a co-worker can have. If you burst into tears at every meeting, every criticism, or because you broke up with your boyfriend this week, your co-workers will avoid you. The office is no place for your dramatic antics. This includes slamming doors, yelling, throwing tantrums etc. If you have emotional problems like these, and you have benefits, please, seek the help of a psychologist and leave the drama at the Dr.’s office.
  1. Gossip about your Boss – Listen, there will be times when our bosses annoy us. It happens. It is ALWAYS bad form to gossip to your co-workers about your boss. Doing this will cancel any chances of establishing trust between yourself and your co-workers. Also, offices are small, so you can believe that it will make its way back to your boss.
  1. You gossip, all the time – “Did you see Jim and Tammy go to lunch together? Isn’t Tim married?” People believe if you talk about others, you will talk about them. Your reputation will spread as a gossip and you will notice that people will avoid you like the plague. Work is not the place to discuss other people’s personal business. It is bad form, and only your reputation will be tarnished in the process.
  1. Have loud personal phone calls in your cubicle – No one cares about your wart removal process, your husband’s annoying habits or your inside jokes with your girlfriend that only the two of you find funny. In a cubicle things can get loud – don’t contribute to the noise with an hour-long, personal phone call that everyone around you can hear. If you have a cell phone, use it. Go outside and make your call. Some people come to work, to actually work and your personal call is distracting, not to mention annoying.
  1. Have a live concert in your cubicle – You may love Taylor Swift’s newest song of heartbreak, but no one else wants to hear it blaring from speakers at your desk while they are trying to focus on getting that spreadsheet out in time for the afternoon meeting. If you must listen to some tunes while you work, bring some headphones. Your co-workers will thank you.
  1. Always talk about politics or religion – Again, this falls into the realm of personal business. It can make people uncomfortable if they feel that you are trying to convert them, or shove your beliefs down their throats. Politics and religion are topics that can easily become heated and taken personally – work is not the place for those discussions. Unless, of course you actually work in a political or religious capacity.
  1. Tell racist or otherwise offensive jokes – Your friends may find them funny, but there is a time and place for everything. Work is not the time or place for this type of humor. If you must tell a joke, let it be something light that everyone can find funny. Otherwise, save it for your friends and not your coworkers.

If you are always committing the offenses above and you notice that your “friend” pool at work seems to grow smaller and smaller, or people cut their conversations short with you, you may want to try to knock off these habits pronto! If you are not guilty of any of the above, feel free to pass this article along to someone who is, anonymously of course.