#New Year, #NewJob – Tell Me about yourself

Hey, hey!! We are moving along, and we’re on day #4. Did you do the exercise on day 3 yet? If not,

If your resume is on point, you won’t need to wear this T-shirt to your interview!

please refer to Day #3’s post.  You should have listed all of your employers, job duties in detail,as well as reasons for leaving.

You will also want to make sure that when you list the things that you did, that you can quantify your skills. Don’t say you saved the company money, express HOW you saved the company money, and if possible, the percentage of money saved.

On Monday’s Question of the day, we helped to answer the sensitive question of how to explain your reason for leaving if you were fired.

Today, we start putting it all together. Yes, this is a long and tedious process, but you want to make sure that your foundation is STRONG before you start presenting your resume, and yourself, to employers. We want you to get HIRED!

Pull out your notebook.We are going to have you create something like this: Job Skills Spreadsheet – Sheet1. This spreadsheet will help you to see how many different types of jobs you can apply for, and help you to understand that you are not limited by your current job title.

For example, let’s say you were an office manager. Well, as an office manager of a small company, you may have answered phones, scheduled people using Outlook calendar, collected time sheets, processed light payroll, assisted with new hire orientation etc. All of these skills are transferable to other roles as an HR Coordinator, a payroll clerk, or Human Resources Associate. Can you see how you just expanded your employability that much more?

If you were a cashier at a fast food restaurant, you were probably responsible for balancing your drawer at the end of your shift, taking customer orders etc. Well now, you can take those skills and move into retail positions and possibly even management depending on how many years of experience you have. Also, you can even begin to work in a corporate capacity as an administrative assistant, as many of those job descriptions will say “Customer Service Experience a plus.”

Once you have an idea of how many different types of jobs you can do or industries that you can apply to, you will see how this opens up your employment world in a major way!

So, get to writing, and we will see you in a few days when we put everything together, and start to flesh out your new resume.

Bonus Section: HR Vocabulary

I wanted to make the distinction below because I’ve heard people use these words interchangeably, and in Human Resources they mean two very different things.

  • Fired= Usually indicates that you were let go with cause. Usually having something to do with your personal performance.
  • Laid Off = Another type of involuntary termination that is not due to personal performance but rather it is a business decision by the company based on redundancy in roles, or not enough money to support your team, role or function.

Stay tuned, because next post we will be putting it all together on your resume!

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3 thoughts on “#New Year, #NewJob – Tell Me about yourself

  1. You’re right. This part is very tedious, but I think it’s also the most important. Doing this work up front will really expand the types of jobs that you can apply for. It can also give you an opportunity to focus on what you WANT to do vs. just applying for any ole thing.

    Can’t wait for Day 5! :)

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